The Open Laboratory 2009 - the 'Submit' buttons for you to choose

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It really helps the Open Lab project if a lot of people have handy little 'submit to Open Lab' buttons/badges on their side-bars. More blogs have it, the better. Just one click, and the entry is submitted (instead of coming here and searching for the link).

So, I asked for new button designs and got more than one to choose from. Instead of choosing one myself, I thought I'd ask the hive-mind: which one do you like the best so we can turn it into the 'official' design? Suggest changes to designs as well. Post your vote in the comments and in 5 days I will tally them up and post the codes for the winning design in several different sizes.

This button was designed by Zen Faulkes:



These buttons were designed by Daniel Brown:







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First, as the guy who did design #1, let me say I really like designs 2 through 4, particularly #2. Thatâs not a vote, just a compliment. ;)

Second, the space at the top of design #1 isnât a bug, itâs a feature, as they say in computing. The top was intentionally left blank to put in text like, âSubmit to,â âJudge for,â âFeatured in,â and so on. Just so you know.

Thanks Zen!
You definitely have the appeal of simplicity (which is often better).
Let me reiterate that everyone should feel free to suggest changes.
I like #2 as well - the book sort of connects the digital aspect (101011100) with the print format of openlab - unfortunately the details of the lettering do not show up well in smaller sizes (which is why I made the simpler lettering of #4).

Bora, is there a bookmarklet as well as a badge? If I had a "submit to OL($currentyear)" button on my browser toolbar I'd be far more likely to send in suggestions...

I don't like any of them very much. But hey, ignore me, I'm just spoiled by choice.

By cromercrox (not verified) on 18 Mar 2009 #permalink

I like the top 3, but I think the last one kind of looks like THE FLAMING EYE OF SAURON COMPELS YOU TO SUBMIT TO OPENLAB. Not that that is a bad thing, really...

These are samples. The winner will be given in 3 or 4 different sizes, including tiny.