Quick Roundup

I'm going to get re-starting blogging here this week, after a crazy few weeks of work at the day job.

In the meantime, here's a few links to stuff I'm doing, reading, and writing.

The team has been busy working on governance and systems for the Sage Commons (the first globally coherent dataset is available - you have to register, but it's open data...).

We've also been busy pushing on the first beta version of the Creative Commons patent tools for the GreenXchange launch in Davos. There is more documentation on GreenXchange in the reading room over at SC.

I contributed an essay to the Microsoft Research book on the Fourth Paradigm, which is dedicated to Jim Gray. I never got to meet Jim - we were scheduled to chat the Wednesday after his boat disappeared - but I'm honored to be part of this collection.

The folks at Michigan View have released a bunch of amazing Landsat data under CC0.

Michigan continues to be a leader in thinking and doing open data - you should also check out the Data Sharing and Intellectual Capital workspace work going on there, which is part of the National Cancer Institute's broader caBIG initiative.

Hope Leman's Significant Science blog is becoming a go-to place for open science. She's done a magnificent interview with Cameron Neylon. As Donna Wentworth noted, it's a great enthographic overview of open science.

We're doing an event that Hope is kindly helping out with in Seattle in a few weeks - if you're in the Pacific Northwest, come on by. And if you have any ideas for the next t-shirt design for us, you could win a ticket...

And that'll do for now. I'll be back with some semi-coherent posts soon, I hope.

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Oops--sorry about the typos on my note above and the link to Google results instead of the proper link to the page at the Science Commons site about Science Commons Symposium â Pacific Northwest


As you can see, I am so excited about the symposium that proofreading went out the window on that one!