Music Mondays: 10 Scientist Rock Stars

Here's a list worth giving a listen to: 10 Scientist Rock Stars. Let's take a look, starting with by far the most famous:

  1. Brian May. Brian May is the guitarist for a little band called Queen. He is consistently ranked as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. And he has a Ph.D. in astrophysics. May studied physics and mathematics at Imperial College London and was in the process of getting his Ph.D. when Queen hit it big. Thirty years later, in 2007, he completed his dissertation. Yes, the man who wrote "We Will Rock You" also wrote A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud. You probably know the words to only one of these.
  2. Greg Graffin
  3. Milo Aukerman
  4. Brian Cox
  5. Dan Snaith
  6. Tom Scholz
  7. Mira Aroyo
  8. Diane de Kerckhove
  9. Art Garfunkel
  10. Dexter Holland

For more, check out Eva Amsen's Musicians and Scientists blog!

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