Irresistible Beauty of Alcoholic Beverages


If you'll forgive the whimsy of this posting:

What's your favorite drink for New Year's?

I was intrigued by a series of images posted by The Telegraph of various drinks of choice. The screenshot above is described as:

Cocktails can have fruit and soft drinks in them which contain citric acids and complex sugars which dry out well and look great photographed. The incredible shapes and colours of the boozy artwork are highlighted by shining natural light on top and through the bottom of the slide.

A Pina Colada


"What you can see in the magnified pictures are the crystalised carbohydrates that have become sugars and glucose," explained Lester Hutt, 35, the founder of Bevshots.

When I was a graduate student in Chemistry, I struggled to obtain crystals of my compounds; they were never as beautiful as this!

The Telegraph link also includes images prepared using vodka, sake, whiskey, and of course, champagne, to name a few. I invite you to visit this link and choose a favorite.

Happy New Year's!


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