Dependence Day: we're all singing from the same score

I don't know what's going to happen with swine flu. I do know that if there is a nasty flu season we'll all get through it better if we help each other, not run from each other. It's national independence day in the US, so I thought this clip of the crowd singing the National Anthem (hat tip, Paul Rosenberg at Open Left) at Boston's Fenway Park (home field of the Boston Red Sox baseball team) was appropriate. It was Disability Awareness Day and to recognize it the anthem was being sung by a handicapped youngster. When he got nervous, the entire ball park came to his rescue:

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Truly inspiring, revere, and appropriate for an inspiring day. Thanks.

Wow. That has made my day!

It's good to be free. It's better to be free together.

Thanks, Revere.

By Crudely Wrott (not verified) on 05 Jul 2009 #permalink

Thanks, Revere, very much. But I wish you'd have suggested having a box of kleenex at hand before watching. Now I have to go change my shirt.