Freethinker Sunday Sermonette: religious tolerance

I'm still grant writing (a couple of more weeks), so I Thank God for my Savior, Edward Current, who again saves me from having to write a long Sermonette:

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Ed is always great. But not as great as Colbert or Stewart. Go on Comedy Central and find what Colbert has to say about Karl Rove's new book and what Stewart has to say about Glenn Beck. I would link the vids to you but in Canada, we use a different version of Comedy Central called Comedy Network. The content is the same but I can't see vids on Comedy Central and you probably can't see them on Comedy Network. Btw how's the grant going? How much left?

To Alex's list I would add Bill Maher who does really well in discussing climate change, the economy, evolution, etc. But, since he sided with the anti-vaxxers, he goes down in my estimation. That said, he does good on the rest.