Freethinker Sunday Sermonette: Supreme Court nominee rumor

Got this in my email. For all I know the whole country got it. That's how these campaigns go these days. I'm not sure its origin [Source, author Rick Chertof in Tikkun; thanks to reader LeeH], but I suspect it's a fake. No one with this guy's reputation could be confirmed, even if he walks on water. He'd get crucified in the nomiation process:

President Barack Obama is expected to nominate Jesus Christ, an immigrant originally born to a virgin mother in Bethlehem, to fill the new vacancy on the Supreme Court. Although Mr. Christ is over 2,000 years old, He is immortal, so Democrats and Republicans expect that He will serve on the high court forever or until He decides to start the End Times. Republicans are expected to fight the nomination on the grounds that Mr. Christ would radically move the Court to the left. The GOP is also concerned that, despite decades of controversy and speculation, Mr. Christ has never revealed his position on abortion. Mr. Christ, according to many authorities, is expected to oppose the death penalty in all forms. Michael Steele, the head of the GOP national committee, issued a statement: "Christ is a complete mystery to us. He won't reveal His physical appearance and many of His positions are unknown or the subject of speculation. He is a stealth candidate. Why won't He reveal himself? Who does He think He is?"

Republicans are reportedly outraged that Mr. Obama even considered Mr. Christ, who has been widely quoted for his sentiments supporting the poor over the wealthy. In a Facebook post, former half-term Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin called for an investigation into the Bethlehem chapter of ACORN because of what she termed the "highly suspicious" coincidence that both President Obama and Mr. Christ had each spent three years as community organizers. In her post, Palin also wrote that "More and more of good God-fearing smalltime Americans from hardworking smalltime towns from great parts of this real America, West, South, East, North, are seeing more and more every day that Christ is a community organizer. We don't need another community organizer in the White House!"

Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) asked, "We're not even sure where He was born. Why is He afraid to show us his birth certificate?" Bachmann also announced that she would vote "no" when the Christ nomination came before the House of Representatives. Later, her congressional staff released a statement saying that the Congresswoman had forgotten that the House does not vote on judicial nominations.

According to Rush Limbaugh, "Christ doesn't know anything about free enterprise. This is part of the Obama conspiracy to drag us to socialism. If this guy is approved, I'm moving to Costa Rica." Sobbing, Glenn Beck attacked Christ's support for the separation of church and state, telling his audience "You know who else wanted a separation of church and state? Hitler."

Several Catholic priests were contacted for comment but refused to discuss the issue, and, even though they weren't asked, all empathetically denied that they had personally molested any children.

Democrats are optimistic about their chances of shoving Mr. Christ down the throats of Americans using normal constitutional and parliamentary procedures. Many Democrats are hopeful that Mr. Christ's past associations with prostitutes will earn him at least one Republican vote, that of Sen. David Vitter (R-LA).

If confirmed, Christ will be the first Supreme Court Justice who has at least one American city named after him: Corpus Christi, Texas

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Certain parts of the brain - which control skepticism and vigilance - appear to deactivate in some people when they're in the presence of a speaker who they believe has divine healing powers, scientists in Denmark have found.

Researchers recruited 36 male and female participants; about half were devout Christians from the Pentecostal church, while the other half were non-religious.

The participants who considered themselves religious believed that some people could possess divine powers of healing. The non-religious participants did not believe this.…

If Jesus Christ were to make an appearance in human form, he wouldn't even make it to the nomination process before a majority of Christians would label him the Anti-Christ.

I actually don't think the president gives much weight to the religious beliefs of the nominees, otherwise he might not have added another Catholic to the Court last time. Besides, to the degree that religious beliefs inform a person's politics, you are bound to get a theist or religious person who is better able to compartmentalize their theistic or religious beliefs apart from their constitutional duty as long as the nominee is politically a liberal.

By aratina cage (not verified) on 25 Apr 2010 #permalink

Thanks Revere, humor is necessary in these times to maintain sanity!

If Jesus were to come back today "she" would be an African American lesbian who would be crucified again, but by so called Christians this time.

By AlwaysOptimistic (not verified) on 25 Apr 2010 #permalink

LeeH: Thanks, much. Added it to the post. It came to me without attribution.

If you really wanted to get the fruicakes nads in a twist, "she" would have to be an Disable African American lesbian.

Then you cover all your bases, misogynist, anti-disabled, racist, anti-gay.

So ... no serious guesses as to who will be nominated?