GSA 2009 pre-update

I did a really terrible job of updating during the Geological Society of America meeting - mostly because (a) I was way too busy, (b) an iffy internet connection at my home and (c) a lack of concentration.

However, there was quite a bit of interesting info I heard which I'll likely post tomorrow including:

  • The northern Cascades of the US are filled with calderas.
  • The eruption of Kasatochi was quite impressive (if you didn't think so already).
  • Bubbles at Erebus come from deep down.
  • Holocene volcanism in Colorado.
  • Thanks to all the people I met this week as well, including Callan Bentley, Tuff Cookie, Ron Schott and others.

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Volcanoes in Colorado is just about the most interesting thing on the planet to me. The first episode of my TV show is gonna be about that (if I ever get busy making it)

Practically no one knows they're there.