MVP #18: Antelope Hill, AZ

Well, this MVP was a bit trickier than most, thanks to the fact that most scoria/cinder cones look pretty similar and some initial confusion about the photo in the first place. Anyway, lets review!

The photo:


It was identified by the sender as Missouri Bill Hill in Arizona. However, this doesn't seem to be the case.

From Google Earth, Missouri Bill Hill:


After close examination by me and all of you, it seems that the consensus is that it is, in fact, Antelope Hill in Arizona - both near each other in the same volcanic field.

From Google Earth, Antelope Hill:

i-0aec3c8650ab8176b152ea85bb9c5715-Antelope Hill.jpg

This leaves me confident that Antelope Hill is the cinder/scoria cone in the photo. Congratulations to Doug C. for getting this right even before we dissected the image.

Current MVP Standings:
The Bobs - 3
Don Crain - 2
gijs - 2
Boris Behncke - 2
volcanista - 1
Lockwood - 1
Elizabeth - 1
Ralph - 1
Anne - 1
Cam - 1
gg - 1
Damon Hynes - 1
Marco - 1
Doug C. - 1

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Now the obvious question becomes:
Does the Public want Mystery Volcanos that are too tough to guess, or mostly a buncha softball stratocones?

I'm going to recommend a mix, about 3 easy ones for every total brain-lock stumper.

And can someone teach me how to use GoogleEarth? Is it free?

Yes, GoogleEarth is free. I don't have it yet, but you can download a free version. Then you just go into it. Good luck.