Quick note about emails

I just wanted to leave a quick note - I've been getting quite a bit of email, as you might imagine, so I've gotten a little behind in responding. So, please don't take it personally if you haven't heard back from me. I'll try to get through the backlog, but with the increased volume combined with the end of the semester here, it might take a bit.

On a related note, I might try to figure out how I can embed a chat into the blog periodically for live chats about volcanoes ... we'll see if I can figure out how to do that.

That being said, keep the emails and questions coming!

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Great site! A couple of brief questions:
i) What is the oldest dated rock sample from Iceland;
ii) How do fossil records compare prior to oceanic spreading?

You now you've made it in blogging when you get nutter spam. Hahahaha!

Hey Erik, I guess you have someone who is on a weird soapbox here. I guess some people just can't let others decide for themselves. Enough of that.

I just want to let you know that you can take all the time you need to catch up with all the emails. I once was getting about 400/day and I took my computer in and it had a key stroke monitoring virus in it. I got rid of that and changed to a new system and I am much happier. OF course, my computer is slowing down. :-(

I am waiting to see what Eyjaf is going to do as the rest of us are and I am hoping for the people of Iceland that Katla won't do anything. Right now I can't see anyting much on the cams so I will wait a while and see if I can catch anything later.

Anyone else having trouble seeing things?

dmabus I am not an atheist....but I am no friend of your kind either....dmabus there is an old saying....."Do not try the patience of wizards for they are subtle and quick to anger." You may take that dmabus as your only warning.

Diane it sounds like you had a key logger or maybe a root kit. A good program to use is Malware Bytes and Avira anti virus both are free. Dump your old temporary internet files and dumping old restore points in system restore will also help speed it up:)

Randall, thanks for the info. I just need more memory in it. Since Microsoft merged with Yahoo it has been slower and acting up more. Anyway, I have several programs that I use to clean the system and I do use them regularly. It does help speed it up for a while until I get on line again. Of course, my getting on line is here a lot more than anywhere else now. :-D

The person that cleaned up my computer told me it was a virus that tracks key strokes. Everytime I tried to block something in my Norton program at the time (this was several years ago) they would over-ride it and I would get more spam. I had dial-up at the time and the server wasn't that good at keeping spam out. Now, I have DSL though my phone service and I like it. It is fast enough for me, though I just need more memory or a new computer. I have had Norton clean it up for me a few months ago and that helped. I am not very computer saavy or I would clean it out myself, but that is way beyond my expertice. I just use what I want and forget about the rest. I am thinking about more memory because that is far less expensive than a new computer!

BTW, who ever that is that ranted above needs to get a life. I don't like it when people preach hell fire and brimstone, and want to blast others in the name of God. I may not agree with somebody but that is ok. I believe everybody has the right to make up their own mind and no one has the right to try and force the issue.

Forget about that individual.

Have you been out hunting rocks lately? We are just waiting for the weather to cooperate so we can go to the river. The president of our club did just what he tells us NOT to do and that is go out alone. He went to a mine that is not easy to get to and had an adventure he wrote about in the CA International Mining Journal. I had to laugh because he was addmitting that he shouldn't have been alone. Hehehe. One thing he did was get a couple of rocks that were about fist sized and he crushed them and got some good gold out of them. So I know the guys will be going back there! My DH and I just have fun at the river. It is a nice place to look for that yellow stuff.

Maybe I can end this post on a good note perhaps?...

I have been a spy here since March 20 and loved every minute of it, perhaps too much so!

Dr. Klemetti,

Your thoughts and all of the other (regular and informed) contributors' thoughts have been an absolute gold mine to follow and I thank each and every one of you for allowing these thoughts to be made public.

Can you enlighten a bit with regard to funding for your endeavors?

If one wants to contribute to further research & education where might that funding be best directed toward?

Many Thanks to all & happy hunting (or hiding)! :)

Diane I haven't been in a few weeks....I may go next week if I get a chance. Here is a couple of pics of me panning up in Alabama two years ago;)http://www.nixcomp.com/randall08_008.jpg...http://www.nixcomp.com/randa…
Those we taken at Hatchet Creek in Coosa County....If you ever come this way I will make you a map of good places to go;)

I know...I should try to ignore idiots like dmabus but when someone starts talking about burning people and Kristallnacht I find that hard to ignore....I'm getting a whole lot nicer in my old age though....at least I warned him.

What is the VEI of this current eruption?

Karen, it is probably 3 or 4. Boris or Erik would have a better idea.

I got woken up by the dawn chorus (birdsong) about an hour ago and came down to see if anything was visible on the webcams... clouds anyone?

I've been following this blog almost since the start of the eruption and want thank Erik and Boris for their efforts as well as most of the contributors. The site is a delight, and now a daily requirement. With a degree in Physical Geography and a life long interest in volcanoes, I can follow most of the discussions found here, but not the depth of knowledge to contribute technically.

I have however developed the idea of jelly modelling. Make a strawberry jelly, and eat your way round the rim of the bowl, saving some for future use. Now make a lime jelly and pour round remaining strawberry core, once set, spoon out previosly saved strawberry jelly into convicing display of lava flows and bombs. Serve with slightly microwaved chocolate and vanilla ice cream which perfectly resembles the current state of Gigajokull. I should have posted a visible record of model including 3D image of magma chamber, but I'm afraid my family ate it too quickly.

Gordon, I guess you will just have to make another one, eh? LOL

With your degree, I think you would have plenty to contribute here. You at least could inform those of us who have not that much knowledge of geography a bit about it. Thanks for posting and if you haven't before, welcome.

By Diane N CA (not verified) on 25 Apr 2010 #permalink

Llaima is rumbling again: aftershocks of aftershocks or a nearby eruption?

By Guillermo (not verified) on 25 Apr 2010 #permalink

Turrialba web-cam shows positively blue steam coming out of the main crater this morning. Does anyone know where to find estimates of SO2 production for this volcano (in English?) Also, if you use the web-cam Norton Antivirus has kittens, with no less than four trojans waiting to pounce onto your hard drive. Thanks in advance for the info and let's all be careful out there.


Kver, you are right about the Turrialba site. I get the Norton warning every time I try to go there. I guess we will have to find another way to check on that.

Randall, I am going to email you. Just remember the gold pan.

#16 Kver. I will ask some of my team mates that have been working last month performing some Mini Doas about the SO2 efflux rate at Turrialba and i will tell you.

By David Calvo (not verified) on 26 Apr 2010 #permalink

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