DonorsChoose 2009 Social Media Challenge: day 7 progress, and prizes!

Today is the one week mark in our month-long drive with DonorsChoose to raise funds for public school classroom projects, and it is no surprise that ScienceBlogs readers have been generous in their support. As I write this post, the ScienceBlogs leaderboard indicates:

  • Thirteen challenges mounted by Sb blogs or coalitions of Sb blogs, including a newly-added challenge from Abel Pharmboy.
  • In the lead for most money raised so far, with $1,807, the Uncertain Principles Challenge.
  • In the lead for most donors so far, with 35, Dr. Isis's challenge.
  • The challenge that got the most recent donation is Dr. Isis's challenge.
  • We've raised a total of $9,438 so far.
  • We've benefitted from the donations of 97 generous ScienceBlogs readers.
  • We've funded projects that will reach 3,671 students.

Not bad for the first week!

Unfortunately, the Social Media Challenge motherboard indicates that the ScienceBlogs contingent has been overtaken by a bunch of teachers. Folks, there's nothing wrong with wanting to beat teachers if you're helping teachers in the process!

Any little bit of money you can direct towards classroom proposals in our challenges is a great help to the students and their teachers. But don't forget that your donation can also put you in the running for some prizes, including:

In other words, there are plenty of good reasons to give. It doesn't need to be a lot; working together, we can make lots of small donations add up and have a big impact.

Let's see what we can accomplish in the next few weeks!

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