Unprovoked YouTubery.

It's Friday, I'm still working on stuff that I was supposed to be done with by now, and the temperatures in the vicinity of Casa Free-Ride have climbed into the uncomfortable range that is more compatible with having a cold beer (or lying motionless) than with slogging through the stuff I'm working on.

This calls for some videotainment!

This video is making me think that classic Star Trek might be the medium through which the young kids nowadays can help their aging parents to appreciate the popular music.

Also, it makes me suspect that there was a lot more drinking and dancing in three seasons of Trek than I had originally appreciated. (Granted, it's concentrated here, but still.) It is a credit to the dramatic abilities of the cast members that these scenes generally seemed less cheesy at the time, in the context of the episodes in which they appeared. (Even Shatner's scenes.)

Hat-tip to the Evil Monkey; I owe you an earworm.

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