Once a Blogger, Soon to be a Blogger Again

The word on the streets is that there used to be a blog at this URL (pronounced like the mountain range separating Europe from Asia). If this were a blog, however, it would be updated often and definitely not left dormant for over two weeks. All I can say is that meth is a hell of a drug. But fear not readers, I have reemerged from a research induced vanishing act, and I'll be blogging with some vigor for the near future (the specific amount of vigor cannot be guaranteed or measured with anything resembling an acceptable level of accuracy). In fact, I've got a long post -- filled with all the errors you expect of me -- due for tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm finishing up final preparations for the Fly Meetings, which was one of the reasons why blogging was nonexistent for the past couple of weeks. I've heard through the bamboo forest that Professor Steve Steve may be in attendance. If you're coming to Philadelphia for the conference, drop a note in the comments or shoot me an email -- perhaps we could arrange a visit with the esteemed B. Amboo Chair in Creatoinformatics.

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Where are you meeting in Philly? Not interested in flies but would be interested in the discussion.