One "Art", Please


I can't draw for shit. And I've got crappy penmanship to boot. All in all, I don't end up with aesthetically pleasing creations when I put pen or pencil to paper. So it's ironic that my one blog post selected for the 2007 edition of the Open Lab is a comic that I made. It's called The Lab Fridge, and it's a play off of a PhD Comic. Thankfully, I had Illustrator at my disposal in creating the comic.

I don't think it's my best post of the year, but it is the best (and only) comic that I drew this year. For those of you looking to make it into Open Lab next year, go for one of the niche categories where there's less competition -- get drunk and write a poem, or something. I nominated a few posts from evolgen for Open Lab, and, while I'm not surprised that the Lab Fridge comic made it, I'm kind of bummed that this post on the Texas spiderweb didn't.


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