Get Your Masatoshi Nei Trading Card

The Penn State Alumni Association has produced trading cards featuring the best and the brightest of the university's faculty (Pa. trading cards highlight brains, not brawn). The cards are only available at University President Graham Spanier's tailgate parties on home football weekends. The biologists featured include entomologist Jim Tumlinson and molecular evolution pioneer Masatoshi Nei.


I haven't been able to find a complete list of all ten faculty members featured, and I don't think that individual images of the ten cards are available online. If anyone can track them down, post a link in the comments.

Update: Nina Fedoroff has a card as well.

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imho -- they missed the boat on dr.rao < > or .

i believe he is the last living grad student of R.A.Fisher.

Richard Alley - climate science
Alexander Wolszczan - astronomy
Mary Willard - chemistry
John Almquist - dairy science
Robert Bernreuter - psychology
Joseph Heller - writer
Victor Lowenfeld - art education
Erwin Mueller -physics
Hans Panofsky - meteorology
Fred Lewis Pattee -English
C.R. Rao - statistics
Alan Walker - chemistry
James Tumlinson - entomology
Catherine Ross -nutrition
William Pierce - medicine
Masatoshi Nei - biology
Russell Marker - chemistry
Nina Federoff -plant genetics
Moses Chan - physics
Stephen Benkovic - chemistry