Clinton Speaks in New York City

Clinton thanks South Dakota who "had the last word" in this primary season (oops, that would be Montana, but whatever).

She honored Barak Obama and his supporters for "all they have accomplished."

Clinton noted the great increase in previously uninvolved voters and the unprecedented raising of money, as well as the importance of her campaign in relation to women's rights and political standing. (Especially noting the women in her campaign who were born before women were allowed to vote in the US.

She noted that people across the country and the territories all had a chance to vote for the candidate they felt would be best, strongest, most experienced, etc. and that the majority of people voted for her. She noted that she had won the swing states necessary to get the necessary electoral votes in the general election.

Clinton ran over the litany ways in which the Republicans have screwed up our country and the rest of the world, noting as well that the average hard working person is invisible to the president. But not to Hillary.

Then, she asked the question:

What does Hillary want?

End the war, turn the economy around, health care for every American, get rid of No Child Left Behind, and to make sure that the Americans who voted for her will not be invisible.

The crowd shouted "Denver... Denver... Denver... Denver..."

Next question: Where do we go from here?

Answer: "I will be making no decisions tonight."

Clinton asked her supporters to go to her web site and indicate what they would like to see happen next.


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