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i-c0e14c8d10c7ebfea59f5bcc5374a186-u726712_sm.jpgMy Students: Kids love to find out what's happening inside them! From their blood to their bones, we study the human body. Our health book is a good resource for students, but having a model for them to look at and touch would make connections for those struggling students who are not strong readers.

We are a small, rural school in Minnesota. We have a surprisingly diverse population that comes from many different socio-economic backgrounds. The students are excited and eager to learn. Our students sometimes struggle to retain information. They are like many of us--they learn better by doing, by touching, by experience. Added regulation and less funding makes it more difficult to provide students with experiences.

My Project: I can already imagine the squeals and giggles when the students first see the skeleton and the other human body models! In some students, it will spark an excitement that no one can measure--maybe future doctors or vets. The ability to touch and move pieces will help them connect the pictures we have seen to their own bodies.

This is a gift I can't give my students without your help. For students who struggle, being able to learn through doing is very valuable. Having these human body models would enrich the learning of the very intelligent students and the students who struggle. When we talk about the ribs, they can actually see what they look like and imagine that in their own body. Thank you for considering our project! hide»

My students need a skeleton and basic models of the human body to enhance our health unit.


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