Peter Gleick vs Heartland Institute

Peter Gleick, my sbling here at (see his blog here) is famous for a lot of things, but about one year ago he went up against the Heartland Institute and in a daring effort of investigative (if avocational) journalism, revealed that right wing conservative/libertarian "think" tank's nefarious plans to interfere with science education in an effort to discredit climate scientists in the eyes of the American public and our students through a series of rather smarmy tactics, including some really obnoxious billboards.

Scott Mandia at "Global Warming: Man or Myth?" has written a one-year-later retrospective of Gleick vs. Heartland. Check it out: Peter Gleick vs Heartland Institute – Scorecard One Year Later. And the Winner Is?

Scott compares the "accomplishments" of the Heartland Institute over the last year with Peter's activities to produce a rather lopsided score card that resembles what would happen if the local High School football team went up against the Baltimore Ravens.

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