Where's GrrlScientist?

Because of my affiliation with ScienceBlogs and SEED Media Group, I am attending a symposium hosted by the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) that focuses on H1N1 Influenza [website].

This symposium will explore the 2009 H1N1 (swine) Influenza outbreak by hosting presentations on the new recombinant virus, epidemiology, treatment, vaccine development and the public health implications of a worldwide pandemic [PDF].

This event is also being held as a live, streaming Webinar and this recording, I am told, will be available for the general public to access sometime next week. I will be taking notes, asking questions and talking with the speakers as well as linking to this presentation next week. If the ScienceBlogs site is functional (no guarantees, it's been really unpredictable these past few weeks), I might also be able to "live blog" a session or two for you.

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