CFI and the State of Science and Reason TONIGHT in NYC

Who: CFI-NYC Executive Director, Michael De Dora, Jr.
What: free public presentation, "CFI and the State of Science and Reason"
Where: Shetler Studios, 244 West 54th Street between Broadway & 8th Avenue, 12th floor, Penthouse 1.
When: 830pm Tuesday, 23 June 2009

What exactly is the Center for Inquiry? What does CFI stand for? How does CFI carry out its mission? What does CFI -- specifically the New York City office -- have to offer to society? And how can you get involved with CFI and the movement? Come hear the new CFI-NYC Executive Director Michael De Dora Jr. address all these issues with a presentation entitled "CFI and the State of Science and Reason." Afterwards, the room will open to discussion about: the presentation; the future of CFI and other similar secular organizations in NYC; the general future of science, reason and free inquiry; the direction of the freethought movement; how we should handle our movement in order to be successful; and what success would mean.

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