Interview with GrrlScientist by ScienceOnline09

Shortly after I arrived in Helsinki and was suffering from jet lag, my friend, Bora, published this interview he had with me via email. Bora -- "Coturnix" -- is the main organizer of the ScienceOnline conference series held in North Carolina in January. Each year, he interviews the speakers from that year's conference and publishes those interviews on his blog to help generate greater public interest in the conference and in science blogging in general, and to help the public learn more about the people who write the blogs that they enjoy. The best part of my interview is the featured image: my companion, Elektra (Bora neglected to mention who she is in the interview).

For those of you who are interested, here is an interview with me by Nature Blog Network, featuring a cute picture of a Great Tit helping me decide which digital images to keep (snapped in Helsinki, Finland). And here is an interview with me by ScienceBlogs, which features a black and white image of yours truly, snapped by a Seattle friend.

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