Win The Best Prize in the Whole Wide World: A Free SEM Micrograph!

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Would you like a FREE, Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) image of an object that you've always wanted to see really close up? Stephanie at ASPEX Corporation has offered a free benchtop SEM scan as a prize to one lucky person who donates to my DonorsChoose Challenge! If you win, you could send them anything to scan (as long as it fits into an envelope); lunch room mystery meat, a fingernail clipping, or even a dead insect .. anything you'd like to see a picture of under a powerful microscope. Here's an image gallery of objects they've already scanned, and you are free to choose your own object to add to the collection!

How do you win this glorious prize?

For every $20 that you donate to my DonorsChoose Challenge, I will give you one chance to win. For example, a $20 donation "buys" you one chance to win while $100 "buys" you five chances to win.

How will this winner be determined? My parrots will "chews" the winner either by directly picking the ballot out of a hat, or if they are being obstinate, I'll let them poop on a large piece of paper with a grid drawn on it, with one square representing one "ballot." (Of course, I am open to your suggestions for other ways that my parrots can "chews" the winner if you have a better idea).

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