Jellyfish Burger Wins NSF Visualization Challenge

The jellyfish burger digital artist Dave Beck and I created has won an honorable mention award in the illustration section the National Science Foundation Visualization Challenge and was also featured in the New York Times. Watch for the rubbery future of seafood coming to this week's issue of Science, too. And be sure to check out the other winners, too.


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Congrats, Jennifer! And thanks for the links, the rest of the visualizations are great, too!

Wow what a great illustration. But what an ominous message. I remember reading a study done in Norway where those fjiords that were turbid had a higher number of jellyfish also because they can feed without having to 'see' their food. Normally fish would control their populations. So also add to the list bad land use management and pollution as promoters of the jellyfish burger.

That is very cool that your creative vision was recognized!!! I really love this image!!! I would buy a poster of this in a flash...

By Chris Martell (not verified) on 19 Feb 2010 #permalink

Hmmm... Intathting tecthta, but it thtings ma tongue.

I don't know. Considering burgers aren't (usually) made out of seafood, and that jellyfish is actually pretty yummy, the picture doesn't work that well for me. Sandwiching a live jellyfish is disgusting, but so is sandwiching a live cow. Sushi would work better, but many Americans don't eat sushi.

BTW, other ideas for jellyfish extermination..

By apeescape (not verified) on 22 Feb 2010 #permalink

apeescape, surely the idea is to raise awareness by replacing something very common with something freaky (to many, at least). The idea is not to speak badly of jellyfish.

That's bloody disgusting. I hate the critters.

Can't we bioengineer some predator to make them extinct?!

I hate them, I hate them, I hate them!