Agenda For The "Two Cultures" Conference

Last week we told you about the NYAS Two Cultures Conference coming up on May 9, 2009 in celebration of the 50 year anniversary of C.P. Snow's famous Rede lecture. Politicians, academics, writers, and the media will converge to discuss
science and society--including keynote addresses by E.O. Wilson, John
Porter, and Dean Kamen.

Today we're pleased to announce that the website for the event featuring the full schedule is now available here. Tickets are going fast so we encourage readers to take a look at the agenda and register soon.  We hope to see you there!


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Over a year ago, we had an idea: We were doing a book that discusses the work of the British physicist-novelist C.P. Snow, and the 50 year anniversary of his world famous "two cultures" argument was coming up--May 7, 2009. Precisely 50 years earlier, Snow had delivered a lecture at Cambridge…
The Two Cultures in the 21st Century: A full-day symposium sponsored by: Science & the City, ScienceDebate2008, Science Communication Consortium At the 50th anniversary of C.P. Snow's famous Rede Lecture on the importance to society of building a bridge between the sciences and humanities, this…
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Nice choice for an illustration. I forget the name of the painting, but I'm pretty sure I heard it discussed once. At the center is Plato and his student Aristotle, right? Plato points upward toward the forms. Aristotle is making a downward gesture, emphasizing the material.

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(Yikes, though. Why are the Intertubes so full of libertarian sites like the one I just linked to?)

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