Self-Assembling Dinosaur

This past week I managed to read Peter Dodson's very helpful book The Horned Dinosaurs from cover-to-cover (in addition to finishing some books on Megalania, dinosaur reproduction, philosophy, etc. A massive book review is forthcoming), one of my most favorite sections being where Dodson walks the reader through reconstructing a Chasmosaurus skeleton bone-by-bone. Oddly enough, I came across the a YouTube video of a self-assembling Chasmosaurus skeleton (embedding was disabled for this video), although unfortunately for curators I have not known skeletons to acquiesce to fully leaving their matrix and properly arranging themselves on cue.

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Wow cool animation!

Funny cause the Royal Tyrrell Museum (where I used to work) just refurbished their Chasmosaur mounts this year, and though I wasn't really a part of the project I did catch some of the technicans reenacting this video LOL