The Boneyard LIVES

Even though I regret dropping it due to time constraints I am glad the paleo carnival The Boneyard has taken on a life of its own. The latest edition, which is quite excellent, is up at The Dragon's Tales. I especially liked the chronological sequence of this one, and many thanks to Will for including so many of my posts!

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Will has the latest edition of The Boneyard up at The Dragon's Tales. Check out some of the best paleo-posts from the last two weeks and keep your eyes open for new ones; the carnival will be over at Greg's place on February 9th. [As an aside, yesterday was also the birthday of Roy Chapman Andrews…
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Welcome to the Lucky 13th Edition of The Boneyard ... the Web Carnival about Bones and Stuff. "The Boneyard is a blog carnival covering all things paleo, from dinosaurs to pollen to hominids and everywhere in between. It's held every two weeks (the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the…
Zach has got the latest edition of the Boneyard up for your viewing pleasure (and many thanks to Zach for giving me my own little subsection). The next edition will be up the Saturday after next over at The Dragon's Tales, so get those links to me or Will as they crop up!
There's a new blog carnival in town; Berry Go Round, a botanical carnival organized by the blogger behind Seeds Aside. The first edition is coming up soon, so if you've got something to add to the garden of posts be sure to check it out! [Also, remember that the next edition of The Boneyard is…

Darn - I did not know it was alive. I would have sent my Mammoth post!

You could probably still sneak it in there. Just send Will an e-mail or mention it in the comments. I'm sure he'll be happy to put it in.

I wish I knew! As far as I know, who is going to take control of the carnival has not been formally decided yet. I'm sure it will appear somewhere next month, but I have no idea of the details.