Another look at LIFE: Walking on water

The Brazilian pygmy gecko is mind-bogglingly small. As this clip from the recent BBC documentary Life illustrates, it is so minuscule that it is effectively watertight and can rest effortlessly on the surface of the water. It still amazes me that vertebrates can be that tiny.

LIFE will air starting Sunday night on the Discovery Channel (though, as it is narrated by Oprah in the US, I suggest you pick up the David Attenborough-narrated version on DVD instead).

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By Oprah?! Yes, people should definitely get the Attenborough version! The chapter on Fish was simply fascinating, especially the bit on mudskippers. To say I was enthralled when I first watched it was a terrible understatement.

Ever read The Snouters? It contains a chapter suggesting that some parasitic worms are actually vertebrates.

If you haven't read it, you want to. It's both the best book on imaginary animals and the funniest science humor ever.

i agree--i love David Attenborough!

Dang that pygmy gecko is too cute! Love how the camera close up at the start tricks us into thinking the gecko is a huge dinosaur.

Thanks for posting this, as a note though, not sure if others are getting it too but the a/v is out of sync on my video.

The series is fantastic, especially if you see it in HD. As for Oprah, she's great at lots of things, but why change it when you have Attenborough ?(my wife has just got a letter from him, in connection with her work, and keeps smiling at the mere thought of it).

Get the Attenborough version, and considering the Blu ray version is only $7 more, go HD if you can.