Tracks and Traces 5.8.2010

  • Written in Stone is now available for pre-sale on (as well as a few other online stores)! The description of the book, author bio, etc. will have to be updated, but otherwise it is good to see it get its own page, and many thanks to the several of you who have already pre-ordered copies.
  • In the "online first" section of Evolution: Education and Outreach there is a new paper on science communication (which also covers the Darwinius kerfuffle) by Carl Zimmer. Check it out!
  • How many times are they going to re-make this? - the first trailer for this summer's cheesy horror movie Piranha 3D.
  • Scicurious got an awesome new tattoo! Check it out and learn how Glendon Mellow of The Flying Trilobite fame designed it.
  • Behind the scenes of the short film series "Green Porno" about the sex lives of animals.

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I expect that "Piranha 3D" will meet the high bar set by such classics of cinema as "Jaws 3D" and "Friday the 13th 3D".

gg; And with star power like Richard Dreyfuss and Christopher Lloyd, you know it's good :P

Jared; Thanks! I hope you enjoy it when it arrives this November.