On The Trail of Physiology across America: Visiting Ohio

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i-4946d86ddba06be6fc5a0ad3a922aa8d-2009AnnualMeeting-thumb-250x122-60103.jpgThe next stop on our journey is the Ohio Physiological Society, which was created 25 years ago and held their annual meeting October 14-15, 2010. This local chapter of The American Physiological Society has gone regional! Not only did the meeting attract scientists and students from 14 universities in Ohio, but also neighboring Henry Ford Hospital, University of Pittsburgh, University of Michigan and Wayne State University in Michigan. The meeting kicked off with welcoming comments provided by Dr. Martin Frank, the Executive Director of The American Physiological Society, Dean Pamela Davis, Provost Bud Baeslak and Dr. Walter Boron, from Case Western University.

Dr. Shu Chien, Director of the Whitacker Institute of Biomedical Engineering, University of San Diego, CA gave the Keynote Address for the meeting during which he discussed his cardiovascular research looking at "Mechanical and Molecular Interplays in Endothelial Physiology and Pathophysiology."

Other prominent physiologists who spoke at the meeting included Dr. Charles Thodeti (NEOUCOM) whose research examines how blood vessels work, and Dr. Sandrine Pierre (University of Toledo) who studies the effects of the toxin digitalis on physiology. There were over 55 posters covering various topics of physiology presented at the meeting by scientists at all levels of training, from undergraduate through faculty.

I look forward to hearing about the exciting research that will be presented at their 2011 meeting!

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