Why Bears Hibernate

cub hibernating.jpg
Image source: www.etsy.com

It may be hot outside now, but soon enough black bears will be entering their annual hibernating ritual. This brief BBC clip is worth watching (and learning from) over a tall glass of iced tea or lemonade. In the meantime, if you see bears and their offspring while you are out and about during summer vacation, send along any photos you take. The Doctor will post the best ones and the winner of the photo contest will get the latest, "Want to Know What's New in Comparative Physiology?" t-shirt.



To get things started:
Here is a photo showing how one bear is spending its summer vacation...who could blame it?
i-32828b6e0ef8500c30806fdb2184eeff-Bear_in_a_hammock-thumb-250x187-65949.jpg To watch a video of the bear playing with the hammock,
click here.

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