Ever wonder why birds fly in "V" formation?

New research provides more evidence of how birds conserve energy by flying in a "V" formation:

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Birds "surfing" along, just like the Dolphins are seen to do.

By Dr Doug Kennedy (not verified) on 29 Jan 2014 #permalink

This is very interesting, I've heard various explanations as to why birds to fly in the "V" formation. This one actually makes sense and shows how smart animals can actually be. It also explains how the birds can travel so far and why you don't usually see birds traveling alone.

Very interesting topic! From past learning experience birds form the V formation pointing in the direction they are heading. This makes even more sense because of the creation of the cushioning of air for the birds following the lead bird. Since a humans heart rate beats 180 bpm during a sprint while a bird reaches 400 bpm. This seems true as to why birds are never really seen flying alone. Mainly by creating the V formation each bird can save energy and travel a further distance. If you check out the Science Now Magazine online about this topic you will find out more information about how scientist conducted this experiment.