World's fastest animal (based on size)

Check out the world's fastest animal (relative to its size):

This research was featured at this year's Experimental Biology conference!

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wow this is very interesting,who could have thought!

By Mogano Edith 1… (not verified) on 01 May 2014 #permalink

This just goes to show that our perspective is all relative, that is to say that what we would consider to be the fastest animal, the cheetah, is in fact incorrect by relation of scale. This is a clear demonstration of how much we still have discover, granted the mite might not be a greatly important discovery but it demonstrates the principle that our perspective is one of many and our only hope of discovering everything there is to discover is by changing our perspective

By Daniel D'Emmer… (not verified) on 01 May 2014 #permalink

Mites can be fastest animals only with regard to their size on land. Why so because in this world we still have springboks cheetahs which are still the world's fastest land animals.

Mites can be fastest animals only with regard to their size on land. Why so because in this world we still have springboks cheetahs which are still the world’s fastest land animals

Who would have thought that something that small could be capable of so much? Firstly I think the size of the insect needs to be taken into consideration, as small as a sesame seed, because it can account for why the animal can travel at such high speeds. The weight is much lighter in comparison to that of a cheetah thus possibly allowing it to travel that quickly. Secondly the fact that the animal is able to travel across surfaces with a high temperature is remarkable. Could it be possible that the insect travels far too quickly for any of the heat to be fully transferred? Certainly agree with Mogano, definitely an interesting topic!

By Chanelle Holtz… (not verified) on 02 May 2014 #permalink

It's very interesting to find out that the cheetah actually isn't the fastest land animal. This mite can run much faster than the cheetah, and it can also withstand very high temperatures. But as much as this mite is the fastest land animal, it's so tiny and hard to see without cameras, so we'll never get to see it's actual speed. Also, the only things we know about this mite are the facts I mentioned previously and that it's found in Southern California.
Hopefully scientists will be able to do more research and find out more information about this mite's living enviroment and its behaviour.

By S Muchenje 14314216 (not verified) on 02 May 2014 #permalink

its pretty remarkable how such a small animal such as the paratarsomotus macropapils is the fastest land animal.Usually people look at how big or how tall an animal is rather than the distance the animal can cover at a period of time ,for instance the cheeteah is way bigger in size than the mite but yet mite is able more body in a second than cheetah.
The fact that this can be able in future researches in modern technology to enhance our lives makes it even more fascinating.this might lure in more young scientists like us to go even further in investigating this remarkable creature .Even though its not found anywhere but southern california it can stil be used to improve our conclusion this show that dynamite comes in small packages.

By u14138060 (not verified) on 02 May 2014 #permalink

This is very interesting....Seems like we've been undermining the mites because of their size.It's quite unbelievable yet true that the mite is the fastest land animal. Well now its been proven that indeed dynamite comes in small packages. Who would have thought?

By P. Sibanda(u14… (not verified) on 03 May 2014 #permalink

Wow, this is quite amazing. This is a very interesting topic because of the human fascination with finding the best or fastest creature. It will be great to see what can come of this knowledge in relation to biomedicine and nanotechnology. I believe that the speed and anatomy of this little guy will be great for scientists to investigate to further develop nano-medicine which in my opinion is the future of medicine.

By u14006996 (not verified) on 03 May 2014 #permalink

so thought provoking. I have learned a lot from this. who would've thought that mites would be faster. amazing!

May 4, 2014
I believe with this new discovery, great advance will be made in numerous fields. Once scientist comprehensibly understand the inner workings of this mite they will be able to improve many fields such as medicine, because by developing medicine that can move through the body at this rate many viruses will be killed before they have the chance to replicate. I think this discovery will lead to many more discoveries

By Nicholas Rowley (not verified) on 03 May 2014 #permalink

This is really an unexpected yet amusing discovery. I did not know this and also have not really considered the small creatures like these mites to be in the run for the fastest land animal. Now that we have determined that these mites are the fastest land animal, aren't there other small creature species that are even faster, but we can't determined that because we can't see them with the naked human eye? How would we ever know which specie are really the fastest land animal? I think there are quite a few species we have not discovered yet that have the potential to be the fastest land animal.

By Suane Truter 1… (not verified) on 03 May 2014 #permalink

its amazing how information changes so quickly around us.... its quite interesting to see that the famous cheetah isnt the fastest animal in the world but a mite is. this is an interesting new fact that scientists have unravelled. also makes one think what else could be proved wrong in the world we live in

By Mphume Nyambi … (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

Most people will automatically assume that the cheetah is the fastest land animal but when asked what is the fastest animal relative to it size? Its stuns a lot of people. People are interested to find out that the paratorsotous macropalpis is in fact the fastest land animal relative to its size. This animal is not only the fastest but is also able to survive on temperatures ranging above 40 Degrees. This discovery will allow for future deigns for objects such as robots or biometric devices and can also be useful in Bioengineering. Which could benefit the future.

By Jayd Clifford,… (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

It is intriguing to note how fast the mite is able to change directions this leads to a very quick reaction time which could allow potential insights that may be relevant to bioengineering applications. The fact that the physics behind the remarkable speed of the mite as well as the high functional temperatures could possibly enliven biomimetic devices is incredible and leaves the opportunity for answers to many unsolved mysteries within the human body, such as nanobots which could function in immense heat.

By B. Da Silva (1… (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

in never cease to amaze me how such creations exists. its just breath taking being able to witness such a magnificent species. its on another level of what we call "cool

By u13287240 (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

It's quite fascinating that an organism can move as fast as 322 of its body lengths in a second. I believe that this scientific finding and further research in how this mite is able to move so fast will definitely help in creating robots and machinery with better movability and speed.

By M.Long 14135401 (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

This is quite fascinating,not only knowing that the cheetah is not the fastest animal on land but also finding out that the fastest animal on land is less than a centimeter long. It is also amazing that this creature can withstand running on hot surfaces. Whats even more intriguing is that this tiny creature can help develop things like robots

By u14359678 (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

This video comes to show that not everything is the way it seems. A lot of people thought that the cheetah is the fastest land animal but the recent study disputes that - but it all depends on the size of the animal. It makes sense to do the comparisons based on size, it would be absurd not to take size into consideration - that would be like comparing how fast a human being is compared to a car.

By Mpumelelo Phil… (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

This is an incredible peace of information! It makes me realize how much of nature there still is to see and explore and that makes me very excited! There is so much that we still don't know! Things that might benefit the human race, and improve certain aspects of our lives. Hopefully this research inspires a huge investigation into the unknowns, and who knows, we might just discover something amazing that might change our lives!!

By Berthold u14050537 (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

This is very interesting because I thought that a Cheeter is the most fast animal

By Thandeka Zulu(… (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

It is amazing to think that this small animal is the fastest animal on the planet. The improvements and progress that science has made over the year are unbelieveable . Wow!!

By Karel Jacobs 1… (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

This discovery may allow to explain what causes this mite to be able to travel so fast; if it contains special enzymes or how its body is made up. it may be possible in the future that this bug may help to give insight into different areas of medicine and help further the technology in our world

By u14059780 (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

who would've thought? this was very interesting. this just shows that dynamite comes in small packages. hopefully scientists go further with this research.

This is very interesting because i thought that a cheetah is the world's fastest animal

By Thandeka Zulu (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

Thia ia very interesting because i thought that the world's fastest animal is a cheetah

By Thandeka Zulu … (not verified) on 04 May 2014 #permalink

i always thought a cheetah was the fastest land animal to exist but guess i was wrong.It seems that little bitsy mite which is only about 1cm long takes the cup.In this complex world we live in it is true that you sure to learn a new thing each day.

By u13368266 (not verified) on 05 May 2014 #permalink

I wonder which plant closes its leave the fastest the TickleMe Plant or the Venus Flytrap. The TickleMe Plant will close its leaves and even lower its branches when you Tickle It!
It is more like an animal then a plant!

Ultimately, this research doesn't carry much use, in spite of the flattering comments. It is undoubtedly interesting but the mass to speed ratio makes this research useless in the sense that it is not applicable to any walk of life, especially in nanomedicine. Such intricate means of delivery are not necessary.

By Benjamin U14137225 (not verified) on 05 May 2014 #permalink

This is interesting, but I'd like to know how it it able it withstand the hot concrete since it seems Like a sensitive animal

By U14359678 (not verified) on 05 May 2014 #permalink

Paratarsotomus macropalpis... wow I am in awe. I have to say, when i opened this link, the last thing I expected was a specie I have never heard of before. Science is so beautiful because it enables us to make such discoveries. So we measure the fastest animal relative to its size and not solely on speed and the results are this!

By Geraldine Letl… (not verified) on 05 May 2014 #permalink

Wow this is very amazing, I always thought that cheetahs were the fastest animals. Mites are so small and yet are the fattest animals.

By u14013496 (not verified) on 05 May 2014 #permalink

after so many years of learning that the cheetah is the fastest animal in the world, we now learn that this is not so but it is the almost insignificant mite that now holds the title. its quite interesting and hope scientists continue to find more facts that willl change the view of the world as we know it

By Mphume Nyambi … (not verified) on 05 May 2014 #permalink

It amazing that such a small creature could be the fastest,all this time the cheetah was thought to be the fastest. I just wonder the amount of research it took to find this out or was it by mistake, even if it was its so fascinating and shoes passion from the researcher

By Nqobile Langa … (not verified) on 08 May 2014 #permalink

It is astonishing to think and realize that even though we as humans was created as the superior race to look after and dominate all living things, we learn something new every day from even the smallest of species that surround us. It is shocking to think that for almost every quality and talent that we as humans poses, there is a specie, no matter how big or small, that exceeds our wildest expectations. It can only benefit us as humans to study and learn from their talents. It just goes to show that no matter how good you think you are, there is always something or someone better than you… I would give anything to have the speed of that little bug when I am late for class!
Esmarie van der Merwe 11084244

By Esmarie van de… (not verified) on 18 Apr 2015 #permalink