Thirsty koalas saved by drinking stations

Thank you Dr. Barb Goodman (Director of SD Biomedical Research Infrastructure Network, Fellow of the American Physiological Society, Sanford School of Medicine of the University of South Dakota) who sent me information about thirsty koalas.

Koalas typically hydrate themselves from the leaves of eucalyptus trees. But recently researchers at the University of Sydney have noticed the animals are drinking water as eucalyptus trees have succumbed to wildfires and climate change. Koalas have found a friend in Robert Frend, who is a farmer in New South Wales and creator of "Blinky Drinker", which are water stations for koalas:

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I think these drinking fountains are great for Koalas in order to decrease the number of deaths. Koalas live in high temperatures so it is key that they get enough water in a day so that they do not get dehydrated and die. Koalas usually get water from the leaves that they eat but if there is no rain, they will go thirsty for long periods of time.

Have you ever tried to hydrate yourself by chewing on gum leaves?
They are the most abominable thing to try to eat. I've always respected Koalas for this.

By Craig Thomas (not verified) on 27 Apr 2017 #permalink