Quick dip: Fish hatchery mischief; health-care-reform sabotage; wiki science; and maple seeds

SciAm ponders evidence that fish hatcheries are watering down the trout and salmon gene pool.

Matt Yglesias looks at one of many lies being told by those opposing health-care reform â confirming Salon's prediction that the opponents of reform are not going to play nice. See also The American Prospect on How Big Pharma Intends to Kill the Public Option. I should add this campaign is having an effect: On the radio this morning I heard NPR Steve Insky Inskeep vigorously press the "public plan as trojan horse" attack on Kathleen Sibelius; I can only hope he'll as vigorously ask people such as Mitt Romney what exactly is wrong with offering more attractive insurance options to the almost 75 million people who are un- or under-insured.

And if somehow you missed it, do see Carl Zimmer's fine post on Swine Flu Science: First Wiki, Then Publish and Brandon Keim's fascinating look at how Maple Seeds Ride Self-Generated Tornadoes.

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