Daily dip: jellyfish, snow leopards, dinos, PTSD, more conservative anatomy, et alia

OK. Animals first, then everybody else.

(Other) Animals

Want Your Own Dinosaur? Place Your Bids

Jellyfish numbers rise  My son and I saw this last year when we were at the EuroScience conference (highly recomennded) in Barcelona (ditto). The beaches had warnings of whole rafts of these. Determined to get wet in the Med, I dipped my toes.

Forget Apple, Here's the Real Snow Leopard

Everybody else

Top soldiers denounce torture.

Earlier Model of Human Brain's Energy Usage Underestimated Its Efficiency Covered heavily, but maybe you missed it.

Alison Bass, whose book "Side Effects" just won the National Assn of Science Writers Science-in-Society Award, explains Why doctors are still "crazy" about antidepressants

"A cadre of people who understand the science" or how it's about time medicine studied information transfer as well as Southwest Airlines does. 

Hendrik Hertzberg draws the anatomy of the conservative organism

Pentagon is treating troops for PTSD, but experts say measurements ... - Stars and Stripes

"In a vast military organization obsessed with metrics and measuring every
aspect of its performance, experts say there is one glaring gap: The Pentagon
has no system in place to evaluate whether its downrange crisis interventions
are actually working."

This is shocking and somehow unsurprising. The VA has been treating vets for PTSD for 35 years -- but lacks good information on which treatments work best or worst and why.


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I just finished reading Erica Goode's Times story on the suicides of four soldiers who served together in a small North Carolina-based Guard unit in Iraq from 2006 to spring 2007. This is a witheringly painful story. Goode, who has done quite a bit of science writing as well as substantial…
When you propose that we are overdiagnosing PTSD in vets, you run into not only a lot of flak but many offerings of evidence suggesting that we're missing a lot of cases. Since publishing my article on PTSD, I've received those arguments directly in comments, and on Wednesday, April 8, Salon…
Today is Veterans Day in the U.S., and the Department of Veterans Affairs reminds us of the purpose: Veterans Day is the day set aside to thank and honor ALL those who served honorably in the military - in wartime or peacetime.  In fact, Veterans Day is largely intended to thank LIVING veterans…
Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat, has asked the Pentagon for info on how many troops in war zones have been prescribed antidepressants while they were deployed. Cardin sent a letter Tuesday to US Department of Defense Secretary Robert Gates expressing concern about how antidepressants are being…