Top 5 Neuron Culture Posts for October

A bit early yet, but as I'm traveling the rest of the month, here's my top 5 over the last month.

1. The Weird History of Adjuvants, in which we ponder the inclusion of eye of newt and such in vaccines, and the strangeness of the fact that dirty is good.

2. Why is the swine flu vaccine so late? Who are you to ask such a question? was a close runner-up despite appearing only yesterday. Includes bonus trash-talk from a Canadian.

3. Embargo? Embargo? The case of the missing swine flu paper In which rumor runs not just amok, but quite a bit of policy as well. A particularly interesting comment thread on that one.

4. Our screwed-up malpractice system. Whose fault is that? Let's try 'nobody'. Is there a better way? A Swedish model says "Ja!" Heavy plagiarism from my own Slate piece.

5. Swine flu vaccine 'nightmare' -- and neither flu nor vaccine is even here yet, from October 5, on the chaos created by our disjointed vaccine delivery system.

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