Every fifth man has a womans brain.


And it seems that every 7th woman has a mans brain. It's amazing what valuable information can come from a Russian bride importing website.

Scientists discovered that every fifth male has "female brains." The owner of such brains does not necessarily look like a gay man. Vice versa, he can be a rather brutal-looking macho. A man with women's brains will differ from other men for his passion for women's occupations.
A man can always use the "women's logic" argument in a dispute with a woman. The argument finishes the dispute immediately, and the female opponent will not be able to win it, no matter what she will try to say in her own defense. It was generally believed that the male way of thinking was much more rational: women could not think properly because of their emotions. Recent scientific discoveries reject the connection between sex and the thinking. Professor Simon Baron-Cohen from the University of Cambridge says not all men possess the male quality of thinking about systems. Because of such quality men know how to read maps, make plans and lists. On the other hand, not all women are capable of feeling.

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I wonder how much a russian bride is? Well besides the divorce settlement after she's been here long enough to gain citizenship.


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