Two cool optical illusions...

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Someone want to build me this table?


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Wow, their brains are small. It all makes sense now - all they want to do is eat shit and kill their competitors. Anyone want to translate the, what I'm assuming, is Japanese for me? -Via Neatorama-
Are you concerned that you are just sleeping with waaaay too many people? Do you want to avoid getting STD's? Do your neighbors give you dirty looks in every morning when a new person comes waltzing out of your apartment? Just place this wonderful pez like condom dispenser on your nightstand table…
Maybe it's because I just had a stiff drink - but I absolutely love this thing. The art is cool, bicycles are great, and engineering for fun interests me. Maybe it's not the bourbon... -Via Neatorama-
This has to be the coolest face out of art I've ever seen. -Via Neatorama-