Abstinence only sex education programs work!

i-0fa302a1d2649d1d52869772aabf494d-abstinence2.jpg...just kidding! It's nearly every month that a new study comes out showing that abstinence only programs don't do shit. This time a study from Oxford shows, through a meta-analysis of 13 different U.S. trials, that

none of the abstinence-only programmes had an impact on the age at which individuals lost their virginity, whether they had unprotected sex, the number of sexual partners, the rates of sexually transmitted diseases or the number of pregnancies.

One trial did show a short-term benefit with participants reporting that they were less likely to have had sex in the month following one abstinence-only programme.

But the researchers said this finding was offset by six other trials that showed the programmes had no effect on the participants' recent sex lives.

i-4b9ceb648c6583c17331089458d934e2-abstinence3.gifWell... so much for those programs. Too bad it doesn't matter what research shows the group of people (read Bush lovers) who support this education aren't exactly ones to take research seriously. This actually reminds me of this couple I knew in college. They had a long distance relationship and when the guy came to visit he would actually have to sleep in her closet. I don't think they needed any classes to teach them that though...

Since everyone seems to be having sex anyway, and it IS summer, check out "5 Summer Sex Positions That Could Get You Hospitalized. Or Arrested." The titles of the positions are great. My favorite is the "Randy Raft"

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