DonorsChoose Goal Met

i-9211029d2f2a460ffbeab5c1162ef572-billnye_killbill.jpg Omni Brain met its fundraising goal of $1000 for music education programs through DonorsChoose. Thank you to everyone who's donated. You rock! Now 30 kids will too.

But it'd be okay, you know, permissible (haha) to exceed our goal if you'd still like to help a Lisa Simpson. A few of the programs Omni Brain earmarked are still seeking fulfillment. Here, an Indianapolis music teacher describes his/her wish to teach kids science and music together:

I want to set up a program for fourth through sixth grade having students work on the scientific method of experimenting with sound. The resources I have requested will give students in all three grades the opportunity for this program. Also, this project would satisfy the Music Standard applying Music to other subjects.

A lot of times I apply Music to Math and Language Arts, but I have not had much opportunity to apply Music to Science because of supplies. You can help bridge that gap with supplying us with [several SciQuest Sound Demonstration kits] and a wave model.

More info at The Science of Sound in the Music Classroom. Alternatively, clicky here to donate. There's also a request for science videos that's close to my Channel N video heart, though I think the RIAA ought to fund this one in gratitude for the guy's honesty and restraint in not downloading the whole series off a torrent instead of paying $2300. PBS, meet the new world. [that request has expired]

Thanks again. :-)

NOTE: the above image "Kill Bill Nye" is a joke based on a movie, please don't go killing Bill. We like him a lot.]

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