The Higgins-Levinthal Dictum - "the why fat smoking republicans are responsible for 9/11 number"

David Ng from The World's Fair has decided to start another meme.... Here's the lowdown:

Anyway, this meme asks that you come up with your own scientific eponym. What's that exactly? Well, first read this excellent primer by Samuel Arbesman, which basically provides a step by step description of how to do this effectively. Then have a go at your own blog. If all goes well, I'd like to create a page at the Science Creative Quarterly, that collects (and links to) the good ones.

So onto the Higgins-Levinthal Dictum:

Also known as "the why fat smoking republicans are responsible for 9/11 number".

Do you want to know why you aren't getting comments on your blog? Do you wonder why you manage to piss off everyone you come across?

Your answer is here! This fabulous new equation will determine how many comments you will get for your obnoxious posts!

Thanks to Lowk and Andrew (who both sent in versions) of our fancy new equation!


a = How many non-overlapping groups you piss off
b = How offensive comment is
c = How stupid/gullible group is
d = How likely group is to do vanity searches on themselves and not be able to restrain themselves from commenting.
e = size of group (note the inverse correlation!)
k = some as of yet unknown constant.

By the way.... this same post was essentially posted here a while ago.

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