Camille Marino is probably going to jail

Marino is a demented fanatical animal rights activist who runs a website called "Negotiation is Over". NIO is notorious as the site of some of the most frothingly furious denouncers of all animal research. Marino is from Florida; she was arrested and extradited to Michigan in March to be tried for words she wrote on the internet.

Whoa. That ought to give one pause — arrested for free speech, you're thinking? That does cause one's knee to jerk.

But then she was also arrested in May when she chained herself to a library door to protest being banned from the Wayne State campus in Detroit. She's been ordered to stay away from the researchers she threatens, but then she travels to their university to harass them — that sounds like stalking to me.

The situation here is that Marino's got nation-wide bands of dedicated followers, those followers have in the past shown a willingness to undertake violent, destructive action on behalf of their cause, and Marino has been actively inciting others to kill researchers. You want an example? Here's an example, and it's also a great example of her incoherent state of mind.

The image on this page [a chalk outline labeled "animal abuser was here"] is not a cute logo. It is my personal belief that if you are a sadistic animal torturer, that is all you deserve – a chalk outline. That’s my opinion, not a threat. It’s not even inciting anyone because, unless you read my words and run out and murder David Jenstch (sic) (an idea that amuses me immensely), I’m not responsible. If you have time to think about it and form your own conclusions, my words cease being the impetus. Eh, that used to be the law at least. Who knows? Who cares? We have a job to do and that’s all that matters…. NIO is no longer mincing words. This is war!… Nothing is off limits at NIO!

if there are no consequences, there is no threat. If you spill blood, your blood should be spilled as well…. Some of the more high profile pacifists have said that I am “violent” and “unbalanced”. I think they finally may be right about something!

If I have my way, you’ll be praying to us for mercy!

It's just her "opinion", she's not inciting anyone — she would just be amused by David Jentsch being murdered by someone who read her suggestion to go murder him. She's not responsible, she's just telling everyone that researchers' blood should be spilled, and that nothing is off limits.

She's a danger to others. It's good news that she's being constrained to protect the citizenry.

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Threats, harassment and intimidation are not protected forms of speech. No, it wouldn't be a surprise if she ended up in prison.

By Dario Ringach (not verified) on 17 Jul 2012 #permalink

Camille Marino is a nasty piece of work, and it is a very good thing that the law is finally catching up with her.

Whatever the cause, her brand of "direct action" (read intimidation, harassment, stalking, threats and vandalism) has no place in democratic society.

In case you're still in any doubt as to whether or not Marino's activities deserve jail time, Speaking of Research have more information, and links to earlier examples of Marino's harassment campaigns in these posts.…

What I don't fully understand is the acute focus on animal-based research, as opposed to factory farms and abattoirs for instance. Every year worldwide humans kill 52 billion chickens--seven for every man, woman, and child on Earth. Camille Marino would be doing her cause far better if she used her energies to advocate vegetarianism. Ms. Marino, it seems, focuses on Dr. Danal O'Leary et al. because they happen to work on dogs, and she just really really likes dogs, not animals in general. (As they say in Pulp Fiction, a dog's got personality.)

By Andrew L. (not verified) on 17 Jul 2012 #permalink

haista sinä bloggaaja suomalainen mädänny silakan vittu

By Outi Aromies (not verified) on 17 Jul 2012 #permalink

Protect the citizenry? You anthropocentric lot are a disgrace to humanity.

PCRM or, Physician's Committe for Responsible Medicine will tell you anything you want to know about the scientific fraud of USING animals for research. The morality of it simply is not debatable. The science is from the dark ages. If people truly were humanitarians and altruistic, they would promote a 100% plant based diet, and do research to prove what Rachel Carson already knew: chemical council is KILLING humans, other species, and the planet.

Camille Marino is a hero. She never threatened the sadistic psychopath Donal O'Leary. She merely put all his information on her website, which was available to anyone looking for it online anyway.

All animal experimenters should be shamed at their jobs and at home. They themselves know there has been ABSOLUTELY no cures from their horror film style games they play with rats, cats, dogs, pigs and monkeys. The whole thing is summed up in two words : BIG business. For whom? For the breeders, the government, the researchers, the pharm companies, and more.

The fact that OUR tax money goes to support this lie is SICK. Trillion dollar industry it is. And a COMPLETE and utter fraud.

I am in science, in academia. I see the fraudulent grants written first hand, all so people can make money to pay their astronomical mortgages and for their jaguars and lexus cars. They should all be held accountable for this lie. They should all be in jail.

They don't call it "experimentation" for NOTHING.

Ask the experimenters why they experiment on animals and the answer is: "Because animals are like us." Ask the experimenters why it is morally okay to experiment on animals, and the answer is: 'Because the animals are not like us.“ Animal experimentation rests on a logical contradiction.” THEY KNOW DARN WELL THAT THESE ANIMALS LIVE IN FEAR AND SUFFER JUST LIKE WE DO, AND THEY DO ALL THIS TORTURE ANYWAY, FOR ZERO OUTCOME WHATSOEVER. Anyone who defends this doesn't know what the hell they are talking about, has never been inside some of these laboratories where people who get paid peanuts toss the animals around, throw them against things, take out all their petty frustrations on these innocent, docile, spirit broken animals, OR has NO concept of right or wrong. It's that simple.

You freaks always quote crap like polio, smallpox, or diabetes, when you know that the majority of testing is a COMPLETE waste of time. In fact, in 2007, the FDA made a statement that said 92 out of 100 clinical trials on humans FAILED even after they were tested on other species.

You know what? NOT ONE human life is worth killing millions of others, and that is the REAL difference between you and I. You are nothing but an anthropocentric fool, whereas I see that every being has a right to live his or her life FOR the sake of their lives, and NOT to serve human beings.

People who treat themselves like graveyards and chemical dumps shouldn't expect others to die so they can suddenly have a magic pill. That is exactly what most of the animal experimentation is about, and NOT about curing diseases that children get, although that is the image the trillion dollar industry would put forward in order to continue with their easy living on the backs of millions and millions of defenseless, docile creatures.

Your days are numbered of using others. One day in future decent human beings will look back and equate you all to the most evil, destructive, false group of people on the planet.

You lot are disgusting.…

By vegangsterARNP (not verified) on 17 Jul 2012 #permalink

It would amuse me immensely if she were taken to Wayne State and publicly flogged by a researcher in a giant dog costume.

By Vince Whirlwind (not verified) on 17 Jul 2012 #permalink

I have been a vegetarian for 18 years.

I am against using animals for research when there are alternative methods of inquiry available or the research is frivolous or redundant. If it is serious medical research that is necessary to save lives, then it has to be done, in my view.

People like Camille Marino absolutely enrage me. She is the reason that the issues surrounding animal rights or animal welfare are dismissed by such a large portion of society. She makes concern for the well-being of animals look like a ridiculous and lunatic point of view. She couldn't be doing a better job of undermining her own supposed caused than she is presently.

PETA does this sort of thing every day, too, They like to put out press releases denouncing video game characters like Super Mario for wearing a fox costume in a game. Even though we don't know if it's supposed to be footie pajamas or an animal skin, or if perhaps nobody ever decided on that crucial point, because it's a f@#$king video game. They aren't as bad as Camille in some ways, but in other ways even worse in that they are viewed as the "voice" of the entire animal rights movement, and I can assure you, they are not.

I won't eat meat for a number of reasons, some of them are ethical and some of them are just my own personal tastes. I'm often told that it isn't "natural" for me to be a vegetarian. It isn't "natural" for humans to drive cars, fly to the moon, or wear glasses either. The "naturalness" of an act is totally irrelevant when considering whether you believe it is a moral or ethical thing to do.

At any rate, I'm just commenting to point out that not everyone who is vegetarian, or vegan, or interested in causes related to animal welfare or treatment, is as batshit insane as Camille. There are plenty of reasonable and moderate arguments to be made in favor of society changing the way it treats animals. In particular need of reform or elimination is the factory farming or mass production and processing system that produces incredibly unhealthy food (as in things like bacteria and tumors, not just the nutritional value) as well as a lot of miserable and suffering animals.



She should NOT be in jail.
She is NOT a danger to citizenry.

By Free speech (not verified) on 18 Jul 2012 #permalink

These people cannot be reasoned with. They will only spout the same garbage over and over and will not listen to logic. they say animal testing is not predictive in humans and that it has never helped cure diseases and that we have discovered how to cure cancer in mice but not humans. When you show studies that clearly disprove what they say they change topic or claim they have contradictory studies but they will not cite them. it is absurd

Don't you just hate it when the ALF take on the Vivisickwhores ? Camille is not ALF but the sick Viviassholes on Campus have made her a poster girl for the cause.. By the way the definition of incitement is Harm Gods creatures and the Gloves come off. In other words it is the Vivisectionists who are inciting violence..

By owainglyndwr1416 (not verified) on 20 Jul 2012 #permalink

I have to agree Camille went too far, and violating a Court restraining order is a guarantee one will be prosecuted. There's no excuse for her legal predicaments-but I DO understand why she did it. Still it doesn't justify her extremism - which only empowered the vivisectionists.

By Luke Thomas (not verified) on 25 Jul 2012 #permalink