So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!

This blog has moved. The new location is

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Over the past three years I've had a good time blogging here at Scienceblogs. Though I rarely agree with much they say (haha, classic curmudgeon that I am) I can honestly say my fellow Sciencebloggers are a great bunch of people, and I'm sure I'll continue to get irritated at what they write for many years to come (just kidding, I always agree with the physicists! ;) )

"Great Dave, thanks for taking a stand against the PepsiCo blog!" Well actually, I've been thinking about leaving for a while, so it would be disingenuous of me to claim this is all about the PepsiCo blog. You see about six months ago, something quite miraculous happened (for some definition of miracle). He's pictured above being indoctrinated into the liberal media that is the New York Times. Since baby Bacon's birth, my blogging has dropped off a cliff (Grand Canyon style.) Choosing between spending time with baby Bacon and quantum pontifficating is, well, a simple choice. In light of my light blogging it seems natural to leave Scienceblogs and return to my original blog where I can occasionally blog when in between changing diapers and getting peed on from three feet away (dude!)

Now, don't get me wrong, I think Scienceblogs decision to host the PepsiCo blog is "bad! bad! bad!" I'm happy that my fellow Sciencebloggers have protested violently against this. Had I not been on the brink of leaving, I probably would have given the overlords the benefit of a doubt for a few days. Everyone makes mistakes, to get cliche, and I'd rather measure my reaction after watching how people react to their mistakes (I believe this comes from being part California surfer dude.) So I guess what I'm saying is that this is about 80 percent pre-existing condition and 20 percent the Pepsi fiasco. I'm sorry if that offends the more activist passionate among you, but it's my own truth. Or at least my own biased perception of how I feel. Which is the best you're going to get.

Anyway, on to more positive thoughts, please come on by and check out my new local: Here is the rss feed. Oh, and moving back to my old location means one good thing: LaTex! Mmmm, juicy mathy blog posts.

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It has been nice. I've enjoyed your blog. You will be missed. Good luck.

Enjoy Baby Bacon. Sometime in the last ten seconds, my six-month-old baby turned into an eleven-year-old girl. There's some time warp phenomenon there...

Does this mean you're not coming for AQIS this year? My own team and collaborators are planning on dominating the poster session this year, with various quantum computer architecture and engineering-related things.

P.S. Getting peed on from three feet isn't as bad as #2. Um, TMI?


>> being indoctrinated into the liberal media that is the New York Times

you should balance it with some WSJ; Babies need a fair and balanced diet...

I've enjoyed your blog at both places for years, and wish you a good time at the re-newed location. But (by implication) not having good LaTeX access at Scienceblogs puzzles me. It seems that would definitely be a feature they'd provide and even boast of.

For comparison, is ScientificBlogging gaining on Scienceblogs even though I think the latter has more "prestige" as bastion of establishment science bloggers? Do they offer LaTex?