What If Star Wars Was Made By Environmentalists?

In fitting in with the recent sightings of conspiracy minded Stormtroopers here at ScienceBlogs I thought I would add my own contribution to the remix. Here Derrick Jensen tells the story of the little known early version of the film before it was optioned to an unknown director named George Lucas (starts off slow, but give it 30 seconds).

To read more by Jensen see his piece in Orion Magazine.

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Very Funny.
But who were the real environmentalists? The Ewoks cut down trees, and rely on burning carbon creating toxic CO2, seem to be using leather and inevitably create impacts on the othewise pristine planet. The empire has abandonned planets, use non-polluting fusion instead of carbon for energy, and get superb mileage in their zero-emission technology. the entire mess could have been avoided with a little more dialogue resulting in workable solutions.

Horrible. Simply horrible.

Excellent satire of the namby-pamby present day environmentalists and pacifists. Pie Hitler, that will teach him a lesson. Tie yourself to a spray-painted tractor to get press on pg.C17 of the newspaper. Have an organic hemp hacky-sack festival to raise awareness.
Meeting challenges head-on, what an oppressive idea.