FOXNews Producer Caught Rallying Tea-Bagger Protest

Fair and balanced ain't what it used to. The Huffington Post has published video of FOXNews producer Heidi Noonan encouraging protesters at the 9/12 event to be loud and boisterous while Griff Jenkins "reported" on their outrage. Noonan is seen motioning to the crowd periodically while speaking to an unknown individual on her cell phone. At one point she attempts to hide from the camera that has her in the shot.

Here is the video released at HuffPo:

Now here is the "objective" reporting that viewers at home saw (via Media Matters):

Notice how Jenkins and Beck both claim that this movement is a grassroots campaign and reject the accusation of "astroturfing" (promoting the illusion of outrage through an effective media campaign). I know it's a rather tired point at this stage of the game, but does Fox have any notion of what hypocrisy means?

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...does Fox have any notion of what hypocrisy means?

But you see, hypocrisy by it's nature cannot possibly apply to them, or their political comrades-in-arms.

does Fox have any notion of what hypocrisy means?

Don't know if they're aware of the meaning, but I'm quite sure they don't care.

By Physicalist (not verified) on 23 Sep 2009 #permalink

lefty naivette

of course there will always be amn element of instigation in any movement, protestors dont just show up at a particular time and place spontaneously.

The question is one of degree.

I will argue that the left media ( the majority BTW) just by its sheer dominace in numbers is exponentially guiltier of this so called astroturfing. phenomenon.

VIC: Left Media? In he United States? I would dearly like to see that, but expect to live so long.