New 'I Am A Scientist' Podcast: fMRI of the Spinal Cord

i-9314a10775bf0035b5a4911498b266e9-brainlogo.jpg Check out the latest "I Am A Scientist" podcasts, which every week interviews a scientist about their research topic. Last week, I was a guest, and this week's guest is Jane Lawrence. She discusses two types of imaging techniques: real-time fMRI and fMRI of the spinal cord. Check it out!


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Thanks for that.

By Adrian Clement (not verified) on 25 Mar 2007 #permalink

Do you know any other cool podcasts?

By Adrian Clement (not verified) on 25 Mar 2007 #permalink


That's my university. I can't believe I didn't know we had a program like this. Thanks, Shelley.

Not so sure on other podcasts, but i'll keep my ears open and post em when i hear of em.