Parrots Need Valentine Love Too!

A Valentine to all Scienceblogs readers, from Pepper!


(Thanks to Aaron for the picture!)


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Keeping parrots as domestic pets is something I feel very strongly about, especially as a person who grew up around animals: 4 pet dogs, 3 pet cats, 6 pet birds one of which was in the parrot family, and numerous fish.

Parrots basically need more attention than a human who works and goes to school or any combination of the two can give them. The need basically 24 hours of attention - in the wild they are very social birds, socializing with even other species of bird, and need to fly for cardiovascular health.

I don't believe parrots should be kept as pets. The best way to help is if you have a parrot, provide it with the best care possible, and do not breed the parrot. Also join a campaign to stop parrots being bred/captured for pets.

Glad to see my "grandbird" is getting spoiled!!!!!

Ha! I can personally remark on at least two African Grey Parrots that absolutely love whipped cream. It's like crack to them, for some reason.