The Galleys Are In!

I just received a box of "Science is Culture" galleys from HarperCollins -- it's pretty exciting... Here's a sneak peek.



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Haha... Just picked the first chapter with E.O. Wilson and Daniel Dennett.

Seems that Adam has unknowingly stepped into one of the memes of Sb - our desire to increase the gender and racial diversity of said culture. Want to play too, Adam?

Absolutely Isis! I couldn't agree more with that goal -- and would love to hear ideas from bloggers and readers for how we can advance it.

yay! old hairy white dudes! Now that is some freaking science culture you can sink your teeth into! Where do I get me a copy of that book???

Let me guess. Great D00dz of Science: check. Great Women of Science: whut????

Adam, you say you would love to hear ideas. have you actually read any of the bloggers who blog for Scienceblogs? Ever? At all? Any of our posts about science and gender, race, diversity, social justice? Because I think if you had, if you had even the tiniest of clues, you would not have put up that picture as the exciting example of your shiny new book Science Is Culture ZOMFG Here's More White D00dz!!!!!!

How dare you open a book and take a picture of it! GRRR!

Dear Adam Bly:

One way to increase the diversity within the scientific community is for people in science media not to always talk to, and about, the same few old white tenured dudes teaching at the same few universities.

There! You may have that idea for free, gratis.


I wish my knee could jerk so quickly.

By Treppenwitz (not verified) on 20 Jul 2010 #permalink

Everyone who thinks they're cool for snarking the comments of people who are engaging with a lack of diversity in science media:

You're not. It's not just these two pages of this one book. Or this one book. Or Seed Media.

Pretending that every incident that occurs is isolated and, dare I say it, bad science.

Huh! Comment filters are weird. The last sentence should read "...isolated is {synonym for 'foolish, heedless, ill-informed'} and, dare I say it, bad science."