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There really aren't that many blogs out their written by scientists about the science that they do, and this seems particularly true in my area of study, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance). I have been able to find a few, although none of them focus specifically on biological or macromolecular NMR. The following list is, of course, not meant to be comprehensive, and if anyone knows of any other NMR blogs, I would love to hear about them.

  • Stan's NMR Blog: This blog, run by Italian physicist Stanislav Sykora, seems to be the most comprehensive and regularly updated of the NMR blogs I've come across. It covers a variety of areas of NMR theory and practice as well as peripheral topics, such as MRI. The site also features the self-proclaimed "most complete compilation of NMR books available anywhere," which could be useful.
  • Process NMR Associates: This blog, run by the company Process NMR Associates, covers a variety of aspects of NMR in addition to the company's work.
  • NMR Software: This is a new blog, started in October 2006, covering technical aspects of processing NMR data and promoting iNMR, an NMR program for Macs that the blogger is apparently developing.
  • NMR Blog: This blog, run by the company Norell, covers various technical aspects of NMR tubes.

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OK, anybody know if there is someone doing MAS NMR on silver compounds? I have a couple of questions...

Don't know of any NMR blogs, but i personally started a Column Chromatography Blog that I have done absolutely nothing with. Hope that helps :)

I am also a lover of NMR. I am fascinated with the bimolecular NMR. I am in near going to work on ssNMR on membrane proteins.

I would love to be in touch with your area and we could share our knowledge on this fascinating area.

Kindly invited to my new blog- http://bionmrri.ning.com/

Anup chowdhury