"Priorities" and "Procrastination" both start with the same letter

I have a To-Do list that's longer than my arm.

I have multiple deadlines that are Looming Large this week.

My scholarly materials are due fairly soon, and there are a couple more things that need to be sent out into the Great Reviewing Stream ASAP.

I have about 20 research-related tasks that must be done Right Now.

I have been completely neglecting Mr. Jane. We are not even 2 ships passing in the night....we are 2 ships flying in completely different solar systems.

So what have I spent the last 4 hours doing? Writing a homework assignment. (And actually, much of that was tweaking the assignment details, since I wrote the basic assignment earlier this afternoon.)

In my defense, it's a brand-new assignment, in a topic area I'm not completely comfortable with, and I needed to do some sanity checking and write the solution to make sure that I was giving them something do-able. But honestly? I could have finished the assignment in maybe 2 hours, tops. I spent way too much time finessing the assignment, for very little gain.

Perhaps it's time to remind myself that there's no tenure category for "kick-ass homework assignments".

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Isn't queueing theory a CS topic?

By D. C. Sessions (not verified) on 15 Apr 2009 #permalink

We're going up for promotion and tenure at the same time! That's good for us! I'm rooting for you.

I have been flipping out regarding the external review process, too. I hope that we both hang in there.

b*, I'm rooting for you too! good luck!

D.C., yes it is, so I guess this means my priority queue is out of whack? :)